About us


Mike Stonelake Design & Illustration Ltd is the name that I trade under. I am a designer and illustrator with 25 years experience. Fine Art educated, I started working in design and illustration before my painting course finished. Since then I have worked for several design agencies, including Hunter Lodge, Engage and DBDA.


My clients have included the NHS, TfL, Nationwide and the London Boroughs of Newham and Ealing. My work for the NHS included an anti-smoking campaign identity, several award winning annual reports for Westminster PCT, an identity for recruitment initiative HealthStart and a diabetes resource that was rolled out nationally. I have designed identities for charities, as well as for events and companies, and am on the design roster for several charities, including Us and Fair. Other clients have included Disney, Barclays Premier League, Tesco and the Russian Google site.


I also worked for a year in St Petersburg, and have kept up a close contact with Russia, designing for many Russian clients, including an identity and brandbook, website and printed collateral for beauty academy Academy Standart and an identity and brand book for fashion company Devore. I also work with the Moscow based agency Nika Consult.


My connection with fine art has also continued with the design or many art books. These have included photo albums for the Lithuanian photographers Antanas Sutkus and Rimadis Viksraitis, and exhibition books for the Courtauld Institute, Freud Museum and many others.


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