Family Survival Trust website
The design of the Family Survival Trust website was part of a rebrand for the charity, which support families affected by controlling and abusive groups. A new logo was designed, with a motif of chains breaking, followed by stationery design. The website is central to their work, as it is important for people to contact them anonymously. The small team of volunteers at FST wanted the ability to update the text and add new items instantly, without incurring extra costs, and we decided to implement a CMS (Content Management System) to do this. The Site Administrator is able to edit the text in the News and Reviews sections, through a browser and their secure member login, from any computer, at any time. The CMS was built using a MySQL database and PHP, a powerful server-side scripting language which allows interaction between the user and the server where useful information can be stored. Articles entered into the site using the CMS can be edited with rich text formatting, and are stored on the database as HTML. The site also had a response mechanism, built with Javascript, for viewers to join a mailing list to receive a digital newsletter. The site also uses cookies to understand if the viewer has signed up already, displaying different information if they have, and also to change the image each time a visitor views the home page. The site was first planned and designed as visuals only, keeping the design process as flexible as possible, until the client was satisfied that all their needs had been met. The site was then built as a test site, where the client was able to view it at any time and test the CMS. The website is also hosted by me, and web stats tools are available to see in great detail the traffic that the site is getting.

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