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Illustrators I like:

Chris Garbutt - cartoonist and illustrator

Mary Blair - Illustrator of "I can fly"

Tom Gauld - Scottish illustrator often featured in the Guardian

Charlie Harper - American illustrator famous for his animals

Andy Smith - anarchic illustrative and typographic work

Eric Carle - kids cut-out king

Miroslav Sasek - author and illustrator of the This is series of childrens' books

Lasse Kolsrud and Gunhild Vegge - Norwegian woodcut illustrators

Cartoonists I like

It's a good life if you don't weaken - picture novella by Seth

Craig Thompson - author and illustrator of graphic novel Blankets

Tintin - official website of the Belgian reporter

Asterix - official website of the French cartoon

Lucky Luke - classic French cartoon cowboy

Nestor Burma - French private eye, drawn by Jaques Tardi

Ron Rege - blog of alternative American cartoonist

Blake and Mortimer - creation of Edgar P. Jacobs

Designers I like:

Peter Grundy - Info graphics

Estudio Mariscal - design agency in Barcelona

Alan Fletcher - Pentagram designer

Airside - now defunct design group

Places I like:

Comica Festival - Annual comics bash at the ICA
Angouleme Festival - comics festival in france

The Design Museum - Wapping exhibition venue

Hergé Museum - Museum dedicated to the Tintin creator near Brussels



Useful links:

AoI Guide to Commissioning - useful tips for both illustrator and client


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