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Nika Consult are an Anglo-Russian agency with an impressive range of clients, from technology firms like Apple and Google to the trend analysis portal WGSN and Russian mobile phone giants, MTS.


Nika wanted a website to showcase their work and tell prospective clients about them and their capabilities. They also required a fully content managed site (CMS) so they could change images, edit text, add new clients and team members. They also required a dual language version, in both English and Russian. If the user is visiting site for the first time, the language version initially served depends on the country from where the user is accessing the site.


We suggested that the client case studies should be visible on the home page, and built an editable revolving carousel of images, which rotated when the arrows were clicked, and expanded when moused over. Clicking on them would take the viewer to the client section, presenting the selected client at the top of the page. This was built using jQuery, a Javascript library that makes accessible animation effects seen in Flash animations, without the need to download plugins.


The Content Management System was developed using a MySQL database and PHP, a powerful server-side scripting language allowing interaction between user and server. Nika Consult are able to securely login, and edit any text to either language version, and also upload new images. This gives them the level of control that they require, and enables them to make changes quickly and without third party involvement.

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