Yearbook for Year 6 leavers at St Peter's Primary school
The parents at St Peters primary school, Hammersmith, decided to make a yearbook for the year 6 children leaving the school. Local photographer, Vicky Rowlands, took the portraits of the children and teachers and the children were involved in producing artwork used for the cover and some inside pages. A questionaire was filled out by all the children with questions such as 'What do you hope to be in ten years?' and 'I'll never forget the time...' The parents also contributed with photographs from various trips and events throughout the previous seven years.


Some of the comments of the parents were:


"This year book is an amazing treasure, well guys you have sent the bar high in the St Peter's yearbook department."


"Thank you so very much Mike, Nicola , Suzette and Vicky! The book is a wonderful treasure! Your hard work is much appreciated! God bless you!"


"The book is AMAZING AMAZING AMAAAAAAAZING!!!!! Huge thanks to you Nicola and to Mike and Vicky and Suzette for being an 'epic' team. It must have been so much work but it looks absolutely beautiful and has so much thought and love in it. Truly special stuff. Rosie is so completely delighted with it. The kids will treasure it forever. Thank you so very very VERY much you amazing people. We are so lucky to have you around!!!!"


"Massive thanks for your work on our children's yearbook. It was everything we wanted it to be thank you x"


"Mike thank you so much for all your hard work and immense design skill in putting this book together, It is such a fantastic memory for the children to carry with them."

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